“The music proposed by this artist bewitched me from the first second.” - Edgar Allan Poets

2nd Brightest Object (2BO) is an indie rock artist from Denver, CO USA. 2BO’s guitar-driven music combines ethereal vocals with distorted instrumentation and torrential rhythm to create a unique sound.  

Tunes are composed, performed, and produced by Aimée. She writes songs about experiences, both real and imaginary, and plays multiple instruments (voice is her favorite).

Aimée loves dogs. She's a vegetarian. If she were a color, it would be blue. She adores shoes yet hates feet. She reads comic books before bed to help keep the night terrors at bay. She’s an INFJ-A (in case you’re into that shit).

The name 2BO pays homage to the moon, which is the second-brightest object in the sky. Yes, it’s really long and kind of awkward, but it’s terribly difficult to find a good moon-related moniker that isn’t already in use.

Have a listen. 🎧

“Aimee’s voice and music is just like the moon—mysterious, haunting, soft, pure and unforgettable. There’s a sense of otherworldliness in her music wrapped around the permeative yet unresolvable emotions that are deeply attached to her storytelling.” - Punk Head