“The music proposed by this artist bewitched me from the first second.” - Edgar Allan Poets

2nd Brightest Object (2BO) is a singer-songwriter

from Denver, Colorado USA

The music... The tunes mix ethereal vocals with distorted instrumentation and driving rhythm to create a unique lo-fi lucidity. If you’re looking for complex music peppered with augmented 9ths and other fancy bullshit, then 2BO is probably not for you.

The girl... Aimée plays multiple instruments, but voice is her favorite. She fiendishly enjoys ambiguity in lyrics. She loves dogs. If she were a color, it would be blue. She’s also in a band called 28-200.

The name... The moon is the second-brightest object in the sky. Aimée digs the moon.

“Aimee’s voice and music is just like the moon—mysterious, haunting, soft, pure and unforgettable. There’s a sense of otherworldliness in her music wrapped around the permeative yet unresolvable emotions that are deeply attached to her storytelling.” - Punk Head